In search of others

Group exhibition “In search of others” curated by Yuichi Hirako will be held at KOTARO NUKAGA (Tennozu)

KOTARO NUKAGA will hold a group exhibition “In search of others” from May 14th (Sat) to June 25th (Sat). This exhibition will be the first group exhibition curated by Yuichi Hirako, with the theme of human beings who exist as “others”, including Hirako from home and abroad, Yugo Isa, Kaoru Kumano, Umi Kumano, Naohiro Takahashi, Chen Yun, Seven artists, Akashi Teramoto, will participate.

Yugo Isa, who says that everything that exists has become a sculpture, mainly uses plastic products as materials to create found objects such as human face-like models and round inflated bottles. It makes you feel the sense of life inherent in inorganic daily necessities. The crown 蓁 crosses the two genres of painting and pottery, and by creating a figure that combines innocence and strangeness, and pottery in the shape of a cut body, human beings full of emotions and “non-individuality” Approach the boundaries between the various objects. On the other hand, Kumanoumi is developing works that reflect magnificent sights. His paintings use vibrant colors to depict the human society living with chaos in the darkness of a modern society full of smoke. In addition, the wood carvings of the human body, which Naohiro Takahashi mainly produces, are physically connected by fragmenting the body, like a thread-rolling doll, and by unnaturally combining each part to express a variant. How to consider human beings under various restrictions I will ask. Chen Yun, whose expression theme is the realization of memory, is a modern-style person who is seen on a daily basis by presenting abstraction and concreteness at the same time, using a montage-like technique that combines two or three panels. Appears in a lyrical movie-like scene. Akashi Teramoto’s paintings create extraordinary scenery by arranging everyday motifs in different spaces. It moves the viewer back and forth between nature and discomfort, suggesting the need to rethink the relationships between the various elements (including humans) in the environment in which we live.
In this exhibition, artists create various “others” in the work itself and in the work. When we think of “others” in a broad sense, “others” does not simply mean “others.” The object in the sense of the world to the subject “I” and the “human” who speaks for the artist’s message are also “others” in a sense for the viewer. The French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas describes the “other” as “incomprehensible, that is, inclusive.” However, on the other hand, the noise produced by the incomprehensible “other” causes us to look from the closed environment we are in to the outside world, and in that sense, “other” is “I”. It can be said that it is the “potential itself” that rescues us from self-contained loneliness.

For example, Hirako is a humanoid character whose head is shaped like a tree (hereinafter referred to as “tree human”) in order to convey the distortion of the subject-object dualistic relationship between nature and human beings, which has continued since modern times. ), And as an anxious “other”, invites people’s consciousness to a relationship with nature. “Tree human” means that Hirako sees trees in urban parks and other trees when studying in London, and people face them as nature. Furthermore, “selecting the good and bad of nature and artificially creating a plant world” “I am satisfied with it.” It is an “other” born from a certain sense of discomfort with human beings. By controlling everything in the world around us, changing and exploiting natural ecosystems, we humans have an aspect that has supported capitalism. However, environmental problems are modern anthropocentric, as the impact of industrialization on nature, which has been promoted by human-centered tastes, appears in the geological age called “Anthropocene”. Imminent questions that can no longer be solved from a perspective alone
There is also a view that it has become a subject.
We humans have recognized the “self” by separating ourselves from the natural world as “others”. As the subject, we have taken a distance by subordinating the “other” in the world as an object, so we cannot hear the voice of the “other” in the world. It can be said that the appearance of the new coronavirus, whose whole picture and solution are still unclear, is exactly this unvoiced “other”. Hirako’s “other”, the “tree man,” does not speak out. However, it makes sense for “tree humans” to appear before us as “others.” Listen to their voice. By opening their hearts and facing them, that is, participating in the world, they may convey something that is not words. It may be Hirako’s thoughts, but it can also be said to be the voice of the world, the “other” who is trying to convey something through Hirako.
The days of communication with “others” that have been accelerated in recent years through online media and SNS have made us realize that the world we are in is a small environment. And it robbed all the realities of all the events outside the environment, such as pandemics, wars, and the Olympics, with a touch of reality. In the old days, we have to think that even “others” who are strangers who just pass each other at stations, for example, have created reality in the world of “us”.

Hirako says, “I want you to look for others at the venue.” With an open attitude and consciousness to read something from the “other”, they should be a bridge to the world and lead us to the outside world of the small environment. ..
Please listen to their voices.
■ Outline of the event
“In search of others”
Date: May 14th (Sat) -June 25th (Sat), 2022
Opening hours: 11:00 –18:00 (Tuesday-Saturday) * Closed on Sundays, Mondays, and holidays
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14th 16:00 –18:00
* Schedule and contents are subject to change at the request of the national and local governments.
■ Venue
TERRADA Art Complex 3F, 1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 Access: About 8 minutes on foot from “Tennozu Isle Station” on the Tokyo Seaside High Speed ​​Railway Rinkai Line, about 10 minutes on foot from “Tennozu Isle Station” on the Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line, about 8 minutes on foot from “Shimbamba Station” on the Keikyu Main Line

KOTARO NUKAGAでは、5月14日(土)から6月25日(土)まで、グループ展“In search of others”を開催します。本展は平子雄一がキュレーションをする初のグループ展となり、「他者」として存在するヒトをテーマに、国内外から平子を含む、伊佐治雄悟、王冠蓁、熊野海、高橋直宏、陳雲、寺本明志、という7名のアーティストが参加します。








「In search of others」
会期: 2022年5月14日(土)- 6月25日(土)
開廊時間: 11:00 - 18:00 (火-土) ※日月祝休廊
オープニングレセプション: 5月14日(土)16:00 – 18:00

〒140-0002 東京都品川区東品川1-33-10 TERRADA Art Complex 3F